UWAC – St. John Branch

News from Leona Bridges, Library Convenor

The Library Committee of St. John’s UWAC is looking for volunteers to help sort books to be disposed of by our Library (duplicates). Two-hour bees will be held every Wednesday evening and Friday afternoon beginning September 27 at 7 pm. Fridays we will begin at 1 pm.

We are also seeking members or supporters to man the Library monthly for one hour from 12-1 pm beginning November 5 (every first Sunday of the month). That same Sunday, books will be on display in the Auditorium at the Fellowship. More importantly, the Library has multiple copies of some of the books that have been catalogued. These books will be available for the taking – at no cost. Please come, browse, and take whatever piques your reading interest.

Also needed is a lover of books to create a display of books once a month in the window to the left of the doors of the Cathedral entrance.

To offer your help, please call or text Leona at 780-619-4416 or email bridgesl@telus.net.

November Speaker Series Event – TBA

The November Speaker Series Event will be an evening with Lesia Hawrelak, the author of Orphan of War. Lesia Hawrelak was featured last year in Promin. She will be in Edmonton to tell her story, a compelling and moving one about her emigration to Canada after World War Two. More specific information on date, time and location is forthcoming.

Missing from the photo are:
Tanya Bidulka, Daria Gushaty, Dr. Elaine Harasymiw, Marsha Jereniuk,
Olha Logvynenko, Anna Melnychuk, and Christine Zwozdesky




Past President

Donna Kowalishin


Iris Ciona, Lesia Pohoreski

1st Vice-President (Alternate)

Julia Elaschuk

2nd Vice-President

Elaine Harasymiw

Recording Secretary

Tatiana Martschenko


Tanya Bidulka


Donna Kowalishin

Membership Convenor

Oryssia Lennie

Honorary Members

Natalie Deptuck

Candle Distribution

Eileen Yewchuk

Member Communications

Myroslava Chomiak

Library Convenor

Leona Bridges

Benevolent Committee

Eileen Yewchuk, Zonia Ewanchuk, Anna Melnychuk

Cathedral Committee

Eileen Yewchuk

Junior CYMK

Marsha Jereniuk


Olesia Talpash

Casino Co-ordinator

Elaine Harasymiw

Financial Review

Nadia Opyr, Lorna Stefaniuk, Daria Gushaty

Speaker Series

Christine Zwozdesky

Funeral Dinners

Zonia Ewanchuk, Nadia Opyr

Promin Representative

Oksana Ensslen

Memorial Bookkeeper

Olha Logvynenko