CYMK – Senior Branch

Welcome to St. John’s CYMK – Ukrainian Orthodox Youth!

Founded in 1931, CYMK-UOY exists primarily to provide youth of the parishes with a social base and a sense of community where they can learn and practice their faith, learn and develop as community leaders, and learn and practice the culture of the Ukrainian Orthodox community.

We are an organization that connects Ukrainian orthodox youth from all over Canada. Not only do we try to keep our faith ever-present, but we also focus on creating strong community leaders and bringing the Ukrainian-Canadian diaspora closer to Ukraine.

Events we organize and participate in are aimed at promoting the Orthodox faith, Ukrainian culture, and fostering a sense of belonging for youth. CYMK-UOY events should be focused on the organizational pillars: Faith, Culture, Leadership, and Fellowship. Some events include playing sports, Ukrainian crafts like embroidery or weaving, Holodomor/Genocide 1932-1933 commemoration, volunteering at the Edmonton Food bank, religious discussions with parish priests, as well as various Ukrainian themed events such as a Kolach workshop or hosting the annual Pysanka Bingo. We usually meet on Friday nights a couple of times each month.
If you embrace the Ukrainian culture and Orthodox faith, then CYMK is for you! At St. John’s, CYMK is organized by age:

Junior – Grade 3 to Grade 8, please contact Jason Sydor at [email protected]

Senior – Grade 9 to University/College, please contact Susan Jereniuk at [email protected]

We look forward to meeting you!